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Customised software solutions

Why choose UsWe put you first

provide customised web-based software solutions. Whatever your requirement we can assist. If the best solution for you is for us to put you in contact with one of our sister companies or another specialist then we will advise you accordingly. Finding a workable solution to your requirements is our priority.

What we doWe redefine your site

We provide customised web-based software solutions. Whatever your requirement we can assist as finding a workable solution to your requirements is our priority.

Our Team

The people behind the scene


David has over 30 years experience in the City advising and arranging multi-national financial transactions, with particular focus on Media & Telecoms. He was CFO and a director of NatWest's first independent Internet business and was involved in structuring transactions involving IPR, licence & assignments, trademarks & patents as well as tax and banking regulatory issues in both the US and UK.


James graduated from The University of Oxford with an honours degree in Physics. Since graduating he has worked in technology for two leading global Investment Banks in both front and back office roles. James’ specialties lie in development, systems and database administration and system performance tuning.


UX Designer
Jonathan graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a degree in 2D design. He has produced graphic design solutions for high profile movie franchises and sporting events. Jonathan has skills in the creation of corporate identities and has flexible skills which allow him to work on any 2D design project, with impressive end products.


Tristan graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a honours degree in Information Technology and Business. He has worked in an IT technical support role at a secondary school as well as lecturing for Foundation Degree and CMSED (Combined Modular Extended Degree) at North Hertfordshire College and the University of Hertfordshire.


How we can help


A Domain Name is the lifeblood of most businesses, controlling not only their web presence but their e-mail and thus communication, it is essential that it is managed by a professional organisation which is able to act quickly to make changes as and when required; it is also essential that it is renewed in good time before its expiry date.

As an ISP for our clients we manage our own systems, we are a Nominet member, the Domain Name Registration Authority for UK Domain Names, with our own TAG "THURLSTONE" and we are able to register, renew, organise and manage domain names. Nominet's Terms & Conditions may be found at http://www.nominet.org.uk/nominet-terms.

Website design

The process of taking a web site from an idea to reality can be very complex and time consuming. It will involve using either existing or new logos or typographic work and will form another marketing arm for your business. We have devised a process to make this relatively simple for all parties involved.

Whilst there are many options available that enable you to quickly setup a site, these are based on predefined templates and can limit your ability to get what you need. Here at thurlstone we pride ourselves on getting you the exact site you needs. This could mean we work closely with you in developing bespoke code to make that happen – and we are excited you help you on this journey.

Website hosting

Your website is your window to the world and as such you must have 24 x 7 availability. Our hosting service through AWS will enable you to maintain that window so that your clients have continual access to your site. As such we host your site AWS elastic compute protected by the latest firewall and load-balancing technology

Our AWS instances are based on technologies we have spent time developing where we are able to link your site to our portal to manager parts of your site. This ensures the changes made will be professionally implemented thus preventing potential errors which could damage your reputation and image.

Website management

For a site to be an effective tool for your business it needs to be up to date. This is likely to involve regular updates if your site is not to look tired.

We pride ourselves in working with our clients, rather than for them, thus ensuring that we understand their respective businesses. This is essential if we are to provide a professional Maintenance & Management service.

All our clients contract with us for ongoing maintenance and we are proactive in this area as we only wish to be associated with clients who are serious about their site and their image.